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Step aside black-and-white, there’s a new multitonal trend in town.
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These stunners don’t sacrifice an inch of functionality.
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Your clients won’t be able to keep their hands off these tactile pieces.
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Send your clients on flights of fancy with these of-the-moment designs.
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Details make all the difference in these dexterous finds.
Boh lulu and georgia  qhrtqcmfmq
The only thing better than an eye-catching motif is two in one piece. From polychromatic wallcoverings to two-toned rugs, these accents use artful juxtapositions to create a stylish surprise.
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From hand-carved stunners to statement-making swiveling styles, these designs are equal parts snuggly and chic.
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From hand-embroidered to mosaic-clad shades, Business of Home presents nine designs radiant enough to compete with the sun.
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From velvet-covered beauties to art-deco-inspired stunners, these six finds will help your clients settle into the new year in style.
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Greet the new year with new trends to breathe life into your latest projects.