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Comparatove Analytics

See how your district compares to others.

Comparative Analytics

Understanding how your district compares to its peer districts can provide eye-opening insights. Comparative Analytics’ (formerly 5Sight) prebuilt datasets and built-in analytic tools enable you to quickly and easily generate detailed, customized perspectives of your district as compared to peer districts’ performance. For example:

  1. Analyze financial trends, per-student spending, and resource allocations.

    See how differences in resources between your district and peer districts translate into different levels of per-student spending, and how these measures change over time. Understand which areas of your budget have grown the most and whether this growth is in alignment with your district’s goals.

  2. Evaluate staffing ratios and compensation trends against your peers.

    Examine how teacher salaries have changed over time for your district compared to others. Analyze the allocation of your budget to personnel costs, as well as the allocation of personnel spending between classroom, administration, and support staff.

  3. Compare student performance across your peer group of districts.

    Analyze student performance at the test, grade, and subgroup levels, identifying areas of success and areas for improvement. See how student performance is changing over time, not just the most recently-released assessment results. Identify districts demographically similar to yours whose students are performing better and compare their resource allocations to your district’s.

“Additional funding cuts challenged our district to find creative ways to continue to balance our budget. Forecast5 tools enabled us to view data from comparable schools to learn more about trends in class sizes, salary ranges by position and more. It was a game changer for us.”

Luke Francois, Ed.D,
Superintendent | Mineral Point Schools, Wisconsin

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