Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics

Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics, part of the Frontline Analytics Suite

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Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics

Make financial decisions with the future in mind.

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Effectively managing district finances has never been easy, but COVID has made it even more challenging. How can you ensure the financial health of your district this year — and in future years?

Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics (formerly 5Cast and 5Cast Plus) make it easy to understand how your district is performing against your current year budget and quickly create budget projections and compare potential financial scenarios.

With Financial Planning and Budget Management Analytics, you can better protect your district from the impact of unstable or unsustainable revenue sources, such as ESSER funding.

  1. Compare "what-if" scenarios.

    Streamline how you create, run, and compare financial results with saved assumption layouts, custom queries, and comparative report templates. Utilize scenario assumptions with comparative measurements, including Actuals, Cumulative, and Year-Over-Year, to present data-based projection options for decision-makers.

  2. Develop a multiyear budget plan.

    Easily develop a multi-year budget forecast and then communicate it to your stakeholders to provide improved financial perspective and decision-making support. Strategically incorporate assumptions and variables into future revenues and expenses to see the impact of potential variances in key assumptions. Then, communicate your findings with comprehensive built-in reporting options.

  3. Simulate compensation and impacts for collective bargaining and negotiations.

    Illustrate your 5-year financial forecast to build trust during negotiations. Build proposals, present financial scenarios, and provide visibility into account detail for cost analysis.

  4. Perform intra-year budget performance analyses.

    Quickly and easily build month-to-date reports to show exactly how you are performing against your existing budget. Drive deep discussions about what to do immediately and track your progress in the short term.

  5. Identify key indicators for year-end budget variances.

    Anticipate potential problems as your year progresses. By leveraging 5 years of data by month, you can see trends and deviations from your pattern of spending.

  6. Project current-year monthly cash-flow.

    Leverage cash-flow statements that clearly show your current status and allow for historical comparison and analysis. Use these views to educate your school board or community members.

  7. Create Board-ready monthly reports and visuals.

    Make monthly Board-ready reports that inform and educate your audience about short-term decisions and impact. Build multi-year scenarios and projections that support your best financial decisions for the district.

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