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50 states project
March 19, 2023
In this week’s installment of the 50 States Project, Honolulu-based designer Shaolin Low tells us why she’s eager to expand the home furnishings offerings on the island, how she’s planning to give back to her local community—and why she doesn’t think of herself as a creative.
retail watch
March 16, 2023
In its Q4 earnings call, Williams-Sonoma released results that beat analyst forecasts, even amid some “demand choppiness.” Warren Shoulberg explains why brand leadership expects to continue capturing market share.
weekly feature
March 15, 2023
An abysmal year in 2022 left the e-design industry on shaky ground—but that won’t deter a new round of companies intent on finding a model with staying power. These are e-design’s latest players.
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