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Better care delivered more efficiently.

School Health Management Software

Now with COVID-19 functionality.

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“I do not know how we functioned without it. This program can do everything. The capability of retrieving student data is essential to see the overall picture or trends more readily. For example, I have access to data that reflects the time of day I am busiest, who I am seeing frequently and what type of health problems/conditions are seen most often.”

Registered Nurse


Simplify school health care management.

Track who has been trained

Spend less time on paperwork

Automate tedious administrative tasks so your time is free for student care.

Stress less over scheduling

Information you need in 1 place

Manage all school health information with a single login so every detail is accurately reported.

Simplify compliance and reporting

Simplify compliance and reporting

Ensure compliance with state and federal standards through easy but comprehensive reporting.

Stress less over scheduling

Stress less over scheduling

Create conflict-free schedules to make sure students miss as little instructional time as possible.

Now with functionality for COVID-19 management.

Physical and Mental Health Data Collection and Management

Collect COVID-19 Health Data

Collect critical health data (testing, infections, immunity), quickly and securely​

Stress less over scheduling

Education/Training and Certification

Train students, parents and staff on COVID-19 procedures & policies​

Management and Enforcement of Policies and Procedures

Enforce Policies and Procedures

Enforce compliance with policies and procedures & monitor non-compliance​

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Report on readiness thresholds, policy compliance, levels of infection or risk factors, trends & more​

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Excellent care shouldn’t be compromised because of inefficient systems.

When you don’t have the tools you need, students pay the price:

  • Time is wasted on redundant reporting and getting forms signed and returned
  • Paper records are a security risk, a hassle and a mess
  • Schedule conflicts mean you lose time with students, and students lose time in class
  • You’re left reacting to medical and mental health situations that could have been caught earlier with better reporting
  • Unified student care is impossible with health, behavioral and mental health and special education professionals reporting through different systems

There’s a better way.

With the right technology, you can do even more to keep students healthy and primed for academic success, and easily manage compliance and paperwork along the way.

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Mitigating COVID-19 Risk: How Schools Can Help Reopen the Economy Safely?

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Because student health isn’t one-size-fits-all.

You and the administrators, teachers and staff in your school share a passion for helping students succeed, but your day-to-day routine is unique, and so are the students you serve. You need software made for your actual workflow. That’s exactly why Frontline School Health Management exists.

Frontline specializes in K-12 solutions that put the information you need at your fingertips. See why more than 80,000 schools trust Frontline solutions to support the complex and essential work of education.

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